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Case Study 1

 I was originally referred to Growing Space in January 2010 by my Community Psychiatric Nurse based at Hywel DDa Community Mental Health Team based in Chepstow for on-going support with my anxiety and depression.

In 2009 I went to bed and was not rousable the following morning.  I was subsequently admitted to the Royal Gwent Hospital unable to move with signs of facial paralysis.  Over the next few days my arms and leg movement returned.  However my speech has not returned and I am unable to make any sound at all.  I have had numerous tests but no definite diagnosis.  I totally lost all of my confidence and am unable to cope with socialising.  I feel embarrassed at having to write everything down and get frustrated and angry trying to make people understand what I am trying to say.  I have had to move back in with my parents which again is stressful for all of us.

In October 2012 I received a limited capability for work questionnaire which I completed and returned.  I was then subsequently asked to attend a medical in March 2013.  In April I received a letter stating that I was no longer eligible for ESA and my benefits were stopped immediately.    Following discussions with my support worker at Growing Space we lodged an appeal.  I could never have dealt with the stress of dealing with the appeal on my own.  I could not even open any mail relating to the appeal.  After months of waiting I attended the appeal along with my support worker.  I felt physically and mentally sick with worry.  On arrival at the Tribunal which I attended with my support worker I was interviewed by 2 members of the board.  After a very short interview in which I broke down completely much to my relief I was granted the appeal.

Whilst at Growing Space and joining the Section 64 grant  I have been able to gain qualifications and with staff support and encouragement have managed to obtain a BTEC in IT and a Carpentry Award.



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Case Study 2

I was referred to Growing Space by the Early Intervention Team and started in April 2013 for ongoing support.  I had recently finished a work placement and was looking to take part in  meaningful work based activity.

I stated working in the gardens alongside the other volunteers maintaining borders, potting on in the greenhouse and other related horticultural tasks.

I was encouraged to sign up for a Landbased qualification but before I could start in September 2013 I found employment working in a local bakery.  I will be forever grateful for the support and encouragement I received whilst attending Growing Space which helped build up my confidence and enabled me to gain employment in such a short space of time.



Case Study 3

I have been a volunteer at Growing Space since 2005.  I was originally referred for ongoing treatment for my depression and anxiety by my Occupation Therapist.

My problems started when my relationship with my partner broke down and I was bullied at work which led to me trying to commit suicide.  I subsequently lost my job and my home.   I felt at extremely  low.  I had to move back in with my parents and felt I had lost everything.  Growing Space helped me to learn how to socialise and communicate one again.  My confidence grew along with Growing Space and my everyday routines improved.  From getting up in the morning and dealing with tasks that were set for me.  With their ongoing support and guidance I was encouraged to gain qualification in various subjects.

In March this year a position was advertised for a Trainee Supervisor at Growing Space which I was encourage to apply for.  I applied along with 2 other volunteers and was successful in obtaining an interview.  Unfortunately I was not successful on this occasion but with the positive feedback I received I decided to apply for other posts.

In May this year and with the help of the Section 64 Grant I obtained a BTEC Award in Health and Social Care.  I applied for a post as a Support Worker working with disadvantaged children fortunately I was successful.  I feel without the support and encouragement I received from the staff and other volunteers this would not have been possible.